How to start to live your life with Vision

Multilevel marketing is referred to in most different ways. Someone worships it gladly saying that it has changed their life for better; on the contrary, someone had left all their money, got into debts and feels nothing but disgust.

I dare to say that about a half of the employable population have tried at some point their luck in multilevel marketing. Only a few people have been successful. So, the wave of dislike is no surprise. But is it really so bad?

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MLM Business is an independent sphere that requires training and ongoing professional development. Multilevel marketing goes beyond attraction of new distributors. MLM business is a business that require personal growth. The growth rate depends on your aspirations and your beliefs. If you do not believe that multilevel marketing can earn thousands of dollars, it never will. Multilevel marketing cannot invite thousands distributors to your organization without your assistance. The result depends on your actions. Remember that multilevel marketing is a game of numbers. The more people see your offer, the more partners come to you.

How to start a vision

A new man has come to you. His destiny in this business greatly depends on a successful start. How do you acquaint a new distributor with Vision? How to start?

Begin with the description of the opportunities Vision gives. Invite him to take a look at the official website: After checking the information about becoming a distributor with Vision and what possibilities it offers, the new distributor, most probably, will have some questions. And you, his tutor, the person who invited him to the business, will immediately help to solve them. Tell him you will teach him everything he needs to build a successful career with Vision and that you will help him when it is necessary.

How to live with vision

Vision has developed an integral training system for the people who want to both improve their health and get extra income from their cooperation with Vision.


  1. Begin your acquaintance with Vision with Your contract’s number is your login and password (enter it twice). It will be your prompt assistant throughout your cooperation with Vision.
  2. Get a special notebook to take notes. Use it to copy out the essential information about Vision that you have found on the main website, as well as on my blog. Try to learn it by heart. How to live with vision
  3. Do the exercise “Handling of Expectations”. If we want to succeed, the new activity should be based on our personal needs and interests. Everyone has some personal expectation when they sign the Contract. It is very important to record your expectation clearly just on the first step. Take a sheet of paper and answer to the question:”What do I expect from my cooperation with Vision?” How to live with vision
  4. During the meeting with your sponsor, do compose the list “What I promise to do”. There is no business magic wand. If you want your dreams come true, you have to assume obligations to yourself. Your sponsor, in turn, will tell you about his obligations to you. Therefore, you will have something like a labor contract stipulating the partner’s obligations.
  5. On read carefully “How to begin”.
  6. Be sure to have a special notebook to record your personal results in the administration of Vision products. Here you will find the details of your own health. The same notebook will record the results of your clients and other distributors. We recommend you to supplement your notes with photos. best health natural vision world bio active products mlm
  7. Do the exercise “Goal Setting” (it takes about 1h). Take a sheet of paper and write down all the wishes popping up into your mind, both material and non material. Let them be numerous. It doesn’t matter if some of them look impossible, write them down anyway. When you have completed this task, re-read your notes and divide your wishes into 3 groups: A, B, C.
  • Group C is something you wish to have but it may be put off for a while.
  • Group B is something you wish to have right now.
  • Group A is something that is essential for you (you do not just “want”, you “need” it!)

When you distribute your wishes among the groups, make a separate list of 10 items from Group A. If there are too many, reconsider and pass the excess to Group B. If there are too few, add the most important ones from Group B. There shall be 10 items exactly. In the list of 10 items, select the most precious ones for you. Write it down on a separate paper under No.1. Among the other 9 items, find the most important one and put it on the separate paper under No.2. Do it 10 times, distinguish the priorities in the list of the 10. The most important will go first. Eventually, you will have a 10 items list of your nearest goals.

How to live with vision

In time they may change or be supplemented with new ones. But, today, that is your benchmark for the future year.

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The World around us changes with Vision