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During recent 10-15 years a large number of people having hypersensitivity reaction on food products has considerably increased. Scientists believe that about 25% of the planet population may be susceptible to allergy. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) had accepted that in developed countries allergy has become the main epidemic disease of children. The amount of children susceptive to allergy to various substances for recent 10 years has increased twice. During recent 20 years, the amount of people suffering from asthma in the whole world has increased by 160%.

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One of the reasons why cases of asthma and allergy happen more and more often is antibiotic treatment. By disturbing natural balance of microflora in intestinal tract, antibiotics may not allow immune system to differentiate between safe substances and real enemies of the organism.

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Nevertheless there is the solution! It is in probiotics. The Bio-In program including unique, carefully grown probiotics of the 5th generation specially selected of millions is the future of science.

Herewith Vision presents the first part of the materials cycle devoted to the importance of Bio-In program for human organism – Bio-In at struggle with allergy.

Excessive hygiene leads to allergy

It is well known that there shall be a balance between various microorganisms (symbiosis) both in the environment and in human body, as due to the competition and interaction with each other none specie gets an advantage. At the same time, as a result of use of chemistry (especially antibacterial agents) all bacterium are destroyed, the natural balance of bacterium is disrupted and conditions of development of specific specie of bacterium are created. As a result of unconscious activities of humans using chemical substances everywhere – starting with soil and ending with food – in the environment probiotics have been destroyed along with harmful bacterium.

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At first sight it seems strange why hygiene may lead to such consequences, because we are used to think that diseases come as a result of unclean hands, dirty food products, etc. Nevertheless excessive hygiene is as harmful as lack of it. The so called hygienic hypothesis proves that during recent decades the amount of allergy cases has increased in connection with increased sterility and low variety of bacterium species in environment surrounding humans. This causes immune system misbalance.

Why does it happen ? Natural environment used to help immune system of people to learn self-regulation and recognition of what to fight against and what not. As a result of using modern means of hygiene (antimicrobial soap with water) or heat treated milk from child age, people experience too small variety of microbes (both good and bad) and therefore the immune system has less opportunities to learn how to define dangerous bacteria against safe bacteria or farina. 

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Bio-In will help you to forget about allergy

The main cause of allergy is inadequate and incorrect immune reaction. In such way toxins emitted by pathogenic bacterium and free radicals penetrate through organism protecting barriers and poison it, stimulating inflammatory response. Inflammation which is constantly stimulated suppresses antiallergenic immune reaction and increases sensitivity of organism to allergens. 

This is why our organisms need help from outside to restore and fight against allergens. Good bacterium that Bio-In abounds with, split some allergens and toxins and thus do not allow them getting into organism. Probiotics of the 5th generation restore bacterium balance in human organism. 

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

The mechanism of probiotics action is multifunctional, and each probiotic may have an individual action, as seen on examples of various investigations of bacterium performed by world scientists, and most of such probiotics is included into the Synbiotics for hypersensitivity product.

Lactic acid bacillus in the product stimulate increased generation of TGF-Beta and a- tolerogenic cytotoxicants in epithelial cells, which increases immunotolerance, i.e. decreases sensitivity of immunity to allergens. Thus allergens themselves cause smaller reaction, and besides probiotics are capable to split some allergens and neutralize them, therefore allergens lose the possibility to stimulate immune cells and allergic irritation does not happen.

Currently scientists are describing the effect of T-cells of new type – Th17 – in development of asthma. The said cells extrincate interleukin-17 (IL-17), which participates in inflammation at asthma. Investigations show probiotics not only reduce these types of cells, but also suppress their functioning.


Complexes included in the Bio-In program effectively reduce symptoms of hay fever, atopic eczema, inflammatory processes, improve blood composition and are irreplaceable for people suffering from frequent allergies.

Find out more about the Bio-In programs developed by Vision in collaboration with DEM4 Laboratories and click here to find out the 15 advantages of the Bio-In unique program. 


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