Opportunities with VISION

vision opportunities

By offering people to improve their quality of life, inviting them to join the company’s development philosophy and its values, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, you have an opportunity to acquire some additional income as a supplement to your primary income or to turn network formation income into primary income.

By purchasing goods as an independent distributor, you can receive a wholesaler discount of up to 40%. The difference between the wholesale price that you pay and the prices the clients pay is your retail income.

vision opportunities

The minimum distributor order is 47.5 CV. (CV is a measuring unit that each Vision product has. Each product has an amount of CV and the price in euros.) When you place an order of 47.5 CV, you will receive a discount of 20%.

The more products you order, the bigger your discount will be. If you purchase products to the amount of 95 CV or more over the month, your discount will increase to 30% and if you order 190 CV or more, then you will receive a discount of up to 40%.

opportunities with vision

When selling goods to clients, you can also make use of the special delivery service http://www.visionshop.me. In this case, you will not need to personally deliver the goods to the clients. By using your consultant code, the company will deliver the order to the clients, while a 5 to 40 % Bonus will be counted up for you for the recommendations from the products that were meant for the clients.

vision opportunities


Let us analyse a simple example. Imagine that you recommend the company s products to 3 people each month and they become your clients. During the first month, you have 3 clients, during the second month, you have 3 more clients, amounting to a total of 6, and during the third month you gain another 3 clients, now amount to 9, and so on. The income for each month is steady. It is equivalent to retail income, which you acquire by selling the company s products.

vision opportunities


The other option is to tell other people every month about the opportunity to be your business partner and to invite two (instead of three) people to become distributors. During the second month, you invite two more people, but each of your partners also undertakes to invite two people to the organisation, so now you have 8 people! (4 in the first level and 4 in the second one). During the third month, you continue to invite people to join you. Your distributors do the same—you invite two people, each of your 4 first level distributors invite 2 more people and each of the 4 people in the second level invite 2 more people and you now have 27 distributors in your organisation! (6 in the first level, 12 in the second level, and 8 in the third). So it goes. On the sixth month, your organisation will have 728 people! This is interesting!

vision opportunities

All of this happens based on the principle of team synergy. No matter how many acquaintances you find, the number is limited. However, when you work as a team, it is no longer just your connections, but it is the connections of your entire organisation! The more people you have working in your organisation, the more contacts you will acquire and the organisation will grow member and contacts wise!


Welcome to Vision Premium Club!

You are a member of our Premium Program and you have received the opportunity to make use of Vision partnership discounts and privileges as a Premium customer.

vision opportunities

After familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of Vision Premium Program, you will learn: – which discounts are available for the company’s Premium customers; – how the Premium customer Bonus Account works; – how to receive Vision Loyalty Program gifts.

Here you can learn about how to acquire the opportunities to maximise company discounts and bonuses in more detail.

Vision’s Premium Card will enable you to not only receive discounts for quality beauty and health products, but to also use these products for free by recommending them to your friends and family.

vision opportunities

How does it work? You have activated your Premium Card and purchased some Vision products with a discount at the company’s online shop or Trade Company (TC). Every Vision product matches to a certain quantity of points (called CV), which is a standardised cost in value units and the cost in the local currency for all trade companies. The minimum product purchase amount should be 47.5CV. You will get a discount of up to 20%. All of the purchases that were made during the month make your Personal Volume that is calculated in CV.

vision opportunities

By increasing your Personal Volume throughout the month, you increase the discount both for the current purchase and for the purchases that were made earlier in the month. The cost difference of purchases will be returned to your Bonus Account in the form of a Return Bonus. You can use the funds from the Bonus Account to pay for products in the following months.

For example: you have already made a purchase with a Vision Premium Card amounting to 47.5CV with a 20% discount and paid 76 EUR for it. You decide to make a second purchase for 47.5CV on that same month. The order amount (Personal Volume) will then reach 95CV. Therefore, you now get a 30% discount with the second purchase and the cost of your the second purchase is 66 EUR. The cost of your first purchase with a now 30% discount also becomes 66 EUR. Based on the month’s results, your Return Bonus is 10 EUR. If your second order amounts to 142.5CV, then your Personal Volume for the current month will be a total of 190CV and you will receive a 40% discount.

vision opportunities

The cost of your second purchase will be 171 EUR and the cost of the first order with a now 40% discount becomes 57 EUR. Hence, your Return Bonus based on the month’s results is 19 EUR. The Return Bonus will be transferred into your Bonus Account. 2 What are the other ways to stock up your Bonus Account? You have evaluated the advantages of your Vision Premium Card and the high quality of our products and have told your friends about them. Your friends have acquired Vision Premium Cards for themselves, became Vision partners under your recommendation, and have placed orders for company products. Your order amount (Personal Volume) and the order amounts of your partners made during the month make your Personal Group Volume.

vision opportunities

As your Personal Group Volume rises, your Partnership status at VISION also increases. Personal Group volume* Personal discount Status 47.5CV 20% Premium Client 95CV 30% Consultant 190CV 40% Senior Consultant Vision pays you a Consultant Bonus for each purchase made by your partners.

The Consultant Bonus is the difference between the discount that you have based on the month’s results and the discount by your partners with the Premium Client or Consultant status. For example: you have already made an order for 47.5CV amounting to 76 EUR with your Vision Premium Card. Your three friends have also made use of their Vision Premium Cards and have each placed an order for 47.5CV with a 20% discount for 76 EUR. Your Personal Group Volume per month was 190CV and you have received a personal 40% discount and the status of Senior Consultant. Therefore, the difference between the discount that has been reached by you and the discount of each of your partners is 20% and it is transferred into your Bonus Account. Your Return Bonus is 19 EUR.

vision opportunities

Each of your partners purchased with a 20% discount, spending 76 EUR. The same order with a 40% discount is 57 EUR. The difference of 19 EUR from the order of each of your three partners will make your Consultant Bonus:19 EUR + 19 EUR × 3 = 76 EUR. The amount of your Return and Consultant Bonuses based on the month’s results will be 76 EUR. This means that you have not only been returned the invested funds for your personal order, but you have also saved the bonuses for your next order!

What are the other ways that I can reduce investments for personal orders?

Your Personal Volume is formed of the orders that you have placed personally and (or) the orders that your customers made under your recommendation. Your customers are your friends, family, and acquaintances who have purchased VISION products under your recommendation without a discount, but just using their Premium Card and your Consultant Code. * A Consultant Code is automatically generated for each new Premium customer during registration at Vision Premium Club. You can always check your consultant code in the My Data section of your Personal Account, change the code into a more convenient one, and give it to your potential customers. *

vision opportunities

the Personal Group Volume does not include partner volumes with the Senior Consultant status. 3 For your convenience, the Promo Page section of your Personal Account allows you to create links to VISION online shops for your customers and forward them using e-mails or posts on social media. If your customer is purchasing products using the CV link that you have provided, their purchase will be included into your Personal Volume. In the Customers section of your Personal Account, you can always check the purchases of your customers and manage your Personal Volume.

vision opportunities

When your customers purchase products, it not only generates Personal Volume and allows to minimise your personal investments, but also provides the opportunities for getting an additional bonus from VISION—a Recommendation Bonus for customer purchases. The size of the Bonus depends on your Personal Volume, which includes CV from your personal purchases and the purchases of your customers made during that month. Recommendation Bonus Month’s Personal Volume and Partner Rank Recommendation Bonus (% of customer purchase amount) 0–15.99CV 5% 16–31.99CV 10% 32–47.49CV 15% Premium Customer 20% Consultant 30% Senior Consultant 40% The Recommendation Bonus* is transferred into your Bonus Account and can be used as payment for purchases during the following months.

The Return and Consultant Bonuses are also transferred into your account.

vision opportunities

How else can I get more gifts from the company?

The bigger your Personal Volume and Personal Group Volume become, the more free products VISION will present. If your one-off order reaches 475 CV and more, then you will immediately be presented with gift products from the company to the value of 20% of your order, which is worth 95CV and more.

The bigger the amount of purchase is, the bigger the amount of gift products will be. The amount of free products from VISION will increase by 5CV with every 25CV added to the purchase. If your Personal Group Volume based on the month’s results reaches 600CV and more, you will receive gift products from the company to the amount of 120CV and more when ordering products next month.

vision opportunities

The bigger your Personal Group Volume becomes, the bigger the free product amount becomes. With every additional 25CV in the PGV, the amount of products increases by 5CV. * Product delivery costs are excluded from the amount (but not more than 5% of the customer purchase cost). 4 Your actions and income in Vision Premium Program:  Take advantage of the Premium Program yourself and offer products to customers and receive free gifts under the Loyalty Program, and you receive Recommendation Bonuses and Return Bonus in the Bonus Account. 

In addition to that, you recruit partners and get Consultant Bonuses into your Bonus Account. The funds from the Bonus Account can be used to cover the next purchase. Everything is simple—you use VISION privileges, recommend to others, and get more bonuses.

vision opportunities

When you reach Senior Consultant status, you are provided with new opportunities: receive money for partnership network development into your bank account, join Vision Auto Program, take part in the company’s free vacation for partners, and get a one-time bonus ranging from €50,000 to €1,000,000 to develop your career and more!

Find out more about how you can start your own business with VISION here: 


vision opportunities

The World around us changes with Vision

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