iCBerry – Improves intimate female health


Recommended as a source of probiotic microorganisms (lactobacteria), proanthocyanidins, as well as an additional source of vitamins C, E, selenium and zinc.

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Ingredients per 1 capsule
Cranberry extract 62 mg
Vitamin С 50 mg
Selenium 25 µg
Zinc 5 mg
Proanthocyanidins 27.5 mg
Vitamin E 3.48 mg
Lactobacillus L. acidophilus 4×107 CFU/g

Target audience to take iCBerry:

  • All women as a preventive remedy against cystitis and other urogenital diseases;
  • All women in cases of the intimate microflora disbalance;
  • Women who have previously suffered from cystitis, to avoid relapses;
  • Women who take hormonal contraceptives;
  • Women before and during menopause;
  • Highly recommended in the cold seasons because of the risk of overcooling;
  • Women, planning pregnancy.

Recommended for adults to take 2 capsules (one in the morning and one in the evening) per day during meals with water. Course of administration—1 month. Minimal recommended course of administration of probiotics—10 days.

Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 230C) in a dark dry place out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 3 years.

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  • Recommended to prevent cystitis and its relapses;
  • Reduces the risk of the female urogenital and gynecological diseases, such as coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, uterine cervix inflammation;
  • Restores intimate microflora balance;
  • Suppresses growth of opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms.

Icberry 1 iCBerry 2


The innovative product iCBerry has a unique formula that contains lactic acid bacteria—Lactobacillus acidophilus(dominating microorganisms in the vaginal flora of a healthy woman) and cranberry extract—No 1 remedy against cystitis in the world.

Cranberry extract is the most effective remedy for comprehensive treatment of cystitis and prevention of its relapses. Probiotic cultures can help restore microflora and prevent female gynecological diseases, such as cystitis, vaginosis, uterine cervix inflammation.

Patented PPM® (Probiotic Preservation Media) technology allows to preserve steadiness of probiotic cultures. Currently the market can’t boast of a steadier probiotic product formula.
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