Why choose VISION products ?

1. Vision Products are of Natural Origin

The earth’s flora is a huge, unfailing treasure trove of medicinal substances. Commanding extensive scientific resources, Vision performs regular monitoring of the environmental state of the regions on the globe that are most favorable for the growing of the botanical ingredients that enter into the composition of Vision products. Experts take into account such parameters as the degree of rarefaction of the air, the growing area’s altitude above sea level, average annual temperature, humidity, and intensity of ultraviolet radiation, orientation of the growing area in relation to where light comes from, and prevailing winds. Environmental certificates for the regions are drawn up based on the data collected. It is from the moment that a region is awarded an environmental certificate that the history of the making of each Company capsule, of every Company product begins its dating.

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Botanical ingredients are only gathered at a certain time of the year, because in this case seasonal fluctuations are a decisive factor in maintaining the vital forces of herbs. Then living herbs are placed in special “eco-transporters” and delivered to the factory. The unique technology of cryofracture, or cryogrinding – pulverizing the raw materials in a low temperature environment in an atmosphere of the neutral gas nitrogen – that is used for producing Vision bioactive supplements allows retention of the useful properties of the botanical ingredients without killing the invigorating force of the herbs.

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Biologically active dietary supplements offered by the Vision company are the products of the highly technological processing of natural vegetable raw materials. In addition to an optimal vitamin and mineral complex, they also contain phytocomponents. These components are the biologically active substances of well-known medicinal plants.

Modern science and technologies make it possible to isolate those biochemical components, or biologically active substances (BAS), which produce the effect we’re looking for. These substances – pure and intact BAS – are then used to produce BAFS. We have not made it our goal in this paper to reveal to you in detail the exceedingly subtle mechanisms by which our Bioactive Supplements work, because special expertise would be required to understand this information. But we must say that all these substances are of exclusively natural phytogenic origin, which makes them valuable and active for everyone.

vision world bio active products mlm

The Company’s cosmetic products represent a fortunate alliance of science and Mother Nature: 100% natural active ingredients and latest achievements in biotechnology – one of the most promising branches in modern science – are used to make them. Vision cosmetics embody all the excellence of the company’s innovative approach:

  • they abound in natural components distinguished by high activity and effectiveness;
  • they have an inimitable bouquet of delightful fragrances;
  • they have been scientifically tested; and
  • they possess proven and observable effectiveness upon application.

2. Quality of Vision Products is certified

Vision bioactive supplements are produced under conditions that fully conform to GMP standards. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards are the rules worked out in the U.S.A. in 1963 for producing pharmaceuticals. In accordance with them, every producer of pharmaceuticals has to ensure that the following conditions are met: high quality source materials, usage of modern know-how, availability of well-planned buildings and high-technology equipment, and highly qualified production personnel. In addition, all Vision products undergo repeated laboratory and clinical tests before they are made available to consumers. At the same time, they are guaranteed to be safe for anybody using them daily in the recommended dosages.

vision world bio active products mlm

The Company regularly delivers its products to various medical establishments, children’s homes, and boarding schools, which imposes additional responsibility to maintain ultra-high product quality.

Link for – Certificate GMP

Link for – Certificate ISO Laboratoires Arkopharma

Link for – Certificate Nutripharma

3. Certification Marks and Logos

The symbols on the Vision product packages and covers of booklets and brochures are not just design elements. They are the graphic presentation of our product advantages and of the Company’s philosophy: the highest product quality, advanced production technologies and the Vision socially responsible business model.

They are the pride of the Company.

Said symbols can be divided into several groups – certification marks, generally accepted international symbols, the Vision “Whole Health Option” philosophy marks, the Company partners’ logos, signs indicating the use of technologies and properties of ingredients, emblems of social projects and initiatives.

GMP certified producerGMP Certified Producer Mark — the International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard covers a broad range of requirements manufacturing enterprises should comply with. GMP for pharmaceutical companies determines the parameters of each production stage. All manufacturing capacities making the Vision brand products are certified against GMP standard.

ISO 22000ISO 22000 BUREAU VERITAS Certification Mark includes the Bureau Veritas logo. That international group founded in 1828 specializes in inspecting, analysing, auditing and certifying products, infrastructures and management systems in accordance with statutory and voluntary standards. Bureau Veritas has conducted certification of the Vision production base against provisions of ISO 22000* standard, and Vision was the first to obtain that certificate for our production of biologically active food supplements.

EkologinasEkologinis žemės ūkis is the environmental certificate obtained by Švenčionių vaistažolės (SVF) factory. The certificate guarantees conformity with all requirements for the organic production, processing, transportation, storage and utilization as per the European Union Directives No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008.

General Accepted International Symbols

green dotDER GRÜNE PUNKT (Green Dot) mark is the international symbol signifying the manufacturer’s support of packaging utilization and recycling programs. The mark confirms the Company’s commitment to the environment protection activities and its encouragement of the separate waste collection. It is also used for marking the packaging made of the materials that are safe for consumers and completely recyclable.

AgricultureLT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.  

NON GMO«Contains No GMO!» symbol shows the voluntary certification of producers as concerns absence of any genetically modified organisms in their products (GMO). The eligibility for using the mark on the product packaging is regulated by local laws of countries and their regions. All products Vision offers to consumers are inspected for conformity with special standards known as the Vision quality «criteria matrix». This makes it possible to guarantee that there are no GMO contained in the Vision products.

Vision Whole Health Option Philosophy Marks

All naturalALL NATURAL Under My Commitment, Dmitry Buriak Mark is the personal stamp of the Company’s President. Its application to the product packages means the President’s personal responsibility to consumers and guarantees the natural origin and conformity with the Vision quality criteria matrix of all ingredients in that product.

Life qualityLIFE QUALITY PROTECTION Symbol testifies to the special attention of the Company to the life quality of its clients and reflects the consistent commitment to the Whole Health Option philosophy.

Fam ecoFAMILY ECOLOGY NATURE WELLNESS Emblem emphasizes the Company’s care for the proper family environment and shows the essence of contactology (science dealing with contacts) and the Whole Health Option philosophy in the new realities, in harmony with the 2010 – 2015 Development Strategy.

Logo’s of Company’s Partners

DEmVision DEM4 Laboratory is the logo of Vision DEM4 research laboratory. Unique formulas of the Vision products are being developed on the laboratory base.

KaunasKaunas University of Medicine is the coat of arms of the Kaunas University of Medicine. Research for and clinical testing of the Vision products are conducted on the University base in cooperation with leading specialists of DEM4 Laboratory.

Symbols of Technologies used and of Ingredient Properties

CRYOCRYO Cryogrinding Technology -1960C symbol means the use in the product manufacture of the cryogrinding technology – grinding the source materials in the low temperature environment in the inert nitrogen gas atmosphere. The technology is used in the production of the Vision bioactive food supplements and allows to retain beneficial properties of the plant components without destroying the life-giving force of herbs.

5 Antiox5 Antioxidant Ingredients Mark is used on packages of the iFly phytotonics set and means the presence in each phytotonic of the natural antioxidant – the extract of one of the five legendary plants: golden root, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, mate, guarana.

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Part of the materials for this page were taken from the Company site: http://english.vipgroup.net/

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