Junior Be Strong

Junior Be Strong – The source of energy


This food supplement is recommended for children as an additional source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, D3.

Ingredients 1 tube (15 gr) contains
Honey 1200 mg
Cherry juice concentrate 300 mg
Royal jelly 100 mg
Vitamin В1 0,9 mg
Vitamin В2 1 mg
Vitamin В6 1,3 mg
Vitamin D3 2,5 mcg

Who needs to take Junior Be Strong:

  • All children for sustainable growth and development..
  • Children who need to support their metabolism and the energy level of the organism.

Recommended dose for children aged 6 years and over: 1 portion (contents of of 1 tube) per day during meal twice a week (once every 3 days). Course duration – 1 month.

Store in a dry place at room temperature (below 25°C) out of reach of children.

Expiry date: see the package.

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  • Provides proper bowel function.
  • Supplies child with energy.
  • Helps proper development of bones, muscles and nervous system.
  • Regulates blood sugar.


Large quantity of carbohydrates in Junior Be Strong provides long-term energy supply to children and improves their metabolism.

B-group vitamins in Junior Be Strong are responsible for proper development and growth of the child’s body, especially its nervous system.

Complex Junior Be Strong is balanced in a way so as to provide a growing organism with everything necessary for its sustainable development.

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