10 Advantages of working as an Independent Distributor with Vision

Would you like to get a turnkey business ? Would you like to work for yourself ? To have a guaranteed income ? To plan your day and have plenty of free time ?

Then you should become an independent distributor with Vision International People Group!

Here are the 10 advantages of working as an Independent Distributor

1. Owner of your own business

Getting to work in a network company is a start up of your own business. Such a decision is not easy to make. Your own business does not only mean an income, it is a big responsibility too. A business owner is independent in making decisions and works for himself or herself. But the owner cannot blame external circumstances for the failure to act. If you are a business owner, you won’t complain. Bu you will know that all the income that you earn from your business will go into your pocket.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

2. A stable company

An important factor of a distributor’s success is choosing a network company. I enjoy working with Vision International People Group. It is a wonderful company with a special philosophy which has an exclusive range of products and always pays the money. All network companies are different but having decided to work with Vision, you can be assured that this business will give you stability and confidence in the future.

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3. Turnkey business

Another advantage of working with Vision is that you get a turnkey business. All is ready, just go and work. You have a unique product, a successful business model, and training ready for you. Your sponsor (myself for you, my dear reader) is always there for you. You can always count on the Vision team’s support and a team is very important too. It is better to have 1% of 100 people’s effort than to work at 100% yourself. Working with Vision this becomes possible.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

4. Personal growth

A distributor has to grow personally. Every day you have to try and learn something new; broaden your horizons, look at a problem in a new light, and work on your personal qualities. When you cannot do some task, your mentor will always be there for you. This can be the person who brought you in Vision, or your “mental” sponsor who can be someone from a different structure.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

5. Passive income

With the growth of your structure – the team of distributors – your turnover will increase, and you will get a passive income. This is the main advantage of networking. The best illustration for a passive income would be a picture of a person busking on the sea coast and money trickling into his or her pocket. This is how Vision distributors with their own structure live.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

6. New friends

A great advantage of working as a distributor is an opportunity to find new friends and like-minded people. You might meet your old school friends that you haven’t seen for years. You can meet lots of new friends of be introduced to new people. The bigger the circle is, the more people you can potentially bring within your orbit.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

7. No investment needed

Networking business can be run with the least financial investment. Working with Vision is easy. You only need an iPad and your business is as good as in your pocket. All your business tools will be in your tablet. Even if we make an investment, we invest in ourselves, not in the business.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

8. Flexible hours

A distributor can make their own schedule. Naturally, we cannot always be free. Sometimes it happens so that a person cannot deal with the amount of freedom he or she gets. But we can plan ourselves who to work with an when to work. And the most important thing is that we can work with our families. Having a family business is such a nice thing ! The business can be inherited, this often happens in our Company.

9. Trainings

Never-ending training is a key factor of a distributor’s success. Vision holds trainings on a permanent basis. All events are part of the Company training. At the forums people exchange their experiences and expertise. Sometimes people come to an event without having an idea of what to expect, and even unable to hear the good and important words. It is therefore especially nice to see someone open their mind and hear at last !

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

10. Exclusive products

Vision offers us an exclusive and a high quality product. The product line constantly changes, new programs come up; this is the best of what a distributor can offer to a client. The distributors’ income is directly related to the efficacy and quality of the product. Vision guarantees the product quality which means that clients will be happy with the product and distributors will have a guaranteed income.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

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