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Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

In this article, we continue our talk about the benefits of the exclusive Bio In Program which works in harmony with your body and invigorates your body. Let’s explore the positive effects that the program probiotics have on the immune system! 


In order to secure good health, one has to take care of the digestive tract in the first place. A large number of pathogens and toxic agents enter the body through skin and mucous membranes. Contrary to popular belief, most harmful substances and micro organisms get into the body through the digestive system. It may seem strange but it interacts with the outside world very closely.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

The digestive tract surface is huge and it is in direct contact with the substances coming from the outside environment. The digestive tract forms a physical barrier to protect the internal organs from bacteria, viruses and parasites. The area that the digestive tract covers is equal to a football field. Protecting such an immense area is an extremely difficult task for the body; this is why the body involves a large number of immune cells for this purpose. Furthermore, our digestive tract hosts hundreds of various kinds of bacteria which help digest food. The relationship between these beneficial bacteria and the immune system has been widely studied lately.

There are proofs that the intestinal tract is an active immune center and, according to many researchers, it constitutes about 70-80% of the immune system of the body.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

Good guys and bad guys

Many will be taken by surprise when told that bacteria can act as our allies, especially during acute colds and flu. We know that there are pathogenic bacteria which cause numerous diseases such as respiratory infections, urogenital infections, diarrhea, etc. Our intestines (small and large) provide home to over a 100 trillion living bacteria, most of which are essential for our health. The micro flora of the intestines consists of both beneficial probiotic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria which co-exist in a complex ecosystem and can take up to 3% of the body mass.

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Unfortunately, the balance of the beneficial bacteria in the intestines can be easily destroyed due to numerous factors related to one’s lifestyle, stress, bad diet, antibiotics and exposure to toxins. This can put our health in danger and cause digestion disorders and a weaker immune system. A growing number of studies have shown that populating the digestive tract with probiotics (beneficial bacteria) can prevent the imbalance in the digestive system and improve its state and immunity.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

To serve and protect

The Bio In program helps restore the balance in the flora in favor of beneficial bacteria which subsequently will replace pathogenic bacteria, leave no food for harmful bacteria, and prevent their growth and reproduction.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria produce lactic and acetic acids which create a slightly acid flora in the intestines. This flora encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and suppresses the growth of numerous strains of harmful bacteria, yeasts and parasites. Another mechanism that probiotics use to enhance the immune system is strengthening the mucosa of the intestines and creating a further barrier against pathogens. Moreover, probiotics can affect the immune system directly by increasing the concentration and activity of certain immune cells. Thanks to a combination of several factors the Bio In program is highly effective in preventing many infections and diseases. 

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

Over a trillion probiotic colonies

The idea of enhancing the immune system is quite exciting but for many reasons it is a rather complicated task. First of all, it is a whole system rather than a single object or organ. Its proper functioning requires balance and harmony. The 120 days long Bio In program has been designed specifically to gain balance and harmony in the body.

Although all probiotics help maintain a good ecosystem in the intestines, only a few specific strains of probiotics than can maintain the immune system have been thoroughly studied so far.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

There are one a half trillion probiotic colonies in the Bio In program. They improve the performance of the immune system in general and strengthen the immune functions of the intestinal mucosa. Probiotics increase the production of T and B lymphocytes which are responsible for producing antibodies, coordinating the immune system response, and attacking the infected cells. Antibodies develop the acquired response to pathogens.

IgM is an antibody secreted in the early stages of infection; it activates other immune cells. IgA is an antibody which protects the mucosal areas. IgG neutralizes infections in body liquids.

Keeping a balance in the intestinal flora provides favorable conditions for the immune system to perform its protective function efficiently.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

Inflammation is a natural reaction of the immune system to unwanted micro organisms. It recognizes and eliminates foreign particles. Phagocytes are white blood cells which protect the body from infection and ingest harmful foreign particles. The consumption of lactic acid bacteria stimulates the activity of phagocytes.

Probiotics by themselves do not provoke significant inflammatory reactions. They regulate the inflammatory response of the mucosa and according to research, they can restore the balance between IL-10 and IL-12 signal molecules which can strengthen or weaken the inflammatory reaction.

Bio In program for healthy natural digestive health probiotics

Proven effectiveness

Keeping a balance in the intestinal flora will create favorable conditions for the immune system, enabling it to keep the “unwanted guests” away, and to complete its protective function properly. However, to apply all the beneficial properties of probiotics, one needs to consume probiotics of very high quality during a long time. The Bio In program is based on scientific research and it suggests successive stages of consuming the products over a period of 120 days to secure the optimal favorable effect.

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Bio In probiotics natural digestive health

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