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We continue the cycle of information materials on how Bio-In program changes human life for the better by restoring functions of all body systems.

What defines health status of a human organism and what causes ageing? Could ageing processes be stopped? You can find answers to these questions in any article on effects of probiotics on processes in a human organism.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

Latest investigations of European scientists proved that intestinal bacteria play a critical role not only in digestion processes, but also in immunity formation, weight control and have an effect on metabolic and oxidizing processes of the whole organism. Intestinal tract works just like our second brain. It interacts with the whole organism and is closely related to the immune and hormonal system. Our intestinal tract involves a whole world: trillions of microbes, called microbiome, they help the organism to obtain nutrient materials of food and therefore the wider the variety of microbiome is, the younger and healthier we look.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

An investigation published in the Nature journal which lasted 9 years and involved over than 3500 respondents showed that the observed health problems were directly linked to poor variety of microbiome in the intestinal tract. It has been found out that healthy people and patients suffering from various diseases have different amounts and ranges of intestinal bacteria.

Intestinal tract is a pathway to health of the whole organism. We are not “what we eat”, but rather “what we ingest”. Apart from the fact that weak health of intestinal tract leads to excess weight, it also causes fatigue, weakening of immunity, skin problems, and even contributes to premature ageing of the organism.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

Ageing is an inevitable biological process. Results of current investigations show that taking into account natural rate of cells ageing, a man is capable to live approximately up to 150 years. Still, average life expectancy for a European is not more than 75 years, and for a Russian, 70 years. Why ? According to scientists, the main cause of early ageing of cells is error of metabolism, which leads to shortening telomeres and cancer. Telomeres are end portions of chromosomes protecting important DNA sections against detrimental effects of chemical, physical and biological conditions. At each cell division, telomeres shorten. Thus the shorter telomeres are, the older cells become. However, about 30 years ago a group of US scientists headed by professor Bill Andrews discovered a substance called “Telomerase” – a special ferment capable to restore shortened telomeres. During experiments, they injected telomerase in different human cells in a Petri dish and observed that the cells got younger and telomeres in them got longer. Then they put those cells on backs of laboratory mice and noticed that skin in those places became younger again!

Bio In Vision program probiotics

Some time later a group of experts in Harvard headed by Dr Ronald Pino using gene therapy techniques managed to elongate short telomeres of old mice cells. After that considerable improvements in health state of the experimental animals were observed already within several weeks.

As you can see, some processes can be turned backwards. But to do this gene therapy it is not necessary. 

Bio In Vision program probiotics

How the Bio-In program helps to fight against ageing

Factors contributing to ageing can be divided into 2 groups: external, affecting the organism from outside, and internal, caused by various organism disorders. The first ones include causes which we can influence – unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient physical activity, alcohol, smoking, stress, depression as well as environment problems: impurity of the air, of the water, electromagnetic emission etc.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

The internal factors include genetic disposition to certain diseases, organism resistance to diseases, balance of microflora of the organism and sound metabolism of cells. It is far more difficult to take such factors under control, but some leverages still can be found. Bio-In series products help human organism to resist negative internal processes and to compensate damage they have already caused. The Bio-In program ensures necessary nutrition of cells and delivery of useful substances to them and therefore controls cells metabolism. Probiotics included in the Bio-In program help to ingest nutritive substances of food in the most effective way. As a result, the organism obtains more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and stays young and healthy.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

A mixture of probiotics Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium protects enterocytes against carcinogenic damages and lowers probability of cells mutation and also elongates cell life protecting its DNA.

Bio-In fights against free radicals

There is a notion called “oxidation stress”. Free radicals attack cells and damage their genetic information causing faults at cells division. Probiotics produce vitamins and antioxidants which help cells to fight against free radicals. Therefore the Bio-In program consists of a selected number of probiotics which help to resist aggressive attacks of free radicals on cells. Bio-In bacteria initiate processes of generation of special antioxidant gluthathione (GSH), which neutralizes free radicals.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

Bacteria B. bifidum, B. lactis and L. acidophilus, which are especially effective, are included in Bio-In synbiotics in great amounts.

Bacteria strains of the Bio-In program directly produce vitamin B7 (biotin), which stabilizes DNA structure and eliminates cell damage, vitamin B9 (folic acid) which protects cell DNA and ensures its proper synthesis, vitamin B12, which participates in DNA synthesis.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

In addition, Bio-In probiotics suppress inflammatory processes, the main sources of free radicals. They activate ferment Glutamate Cysteine Ligase (GCL) necessary for synthesis of antioxidants in organism cells. Thus the bacteria build the antioxidant system of the organism helping it to fight further against free radicals. As a result, less free radicals, less oxidation stress and thus less DNA damage. And the less there are DNA damages, the longer telomeres are and for longer time the cells can be divided increasing our time. 

Bio In Vision program probiotics

Bio-In strengthens immunity

It may seem that immunity is not closely related to ageing processes, but it is far from true. What is immunity ? It is the ability of the organism to protect itself against foreign microorganisms and elements, and these are such “aliens” which have a negative impact on our organism cells making them get older faster. That is why it is so important to strengthen immunity helping it to fight against detrimental bacteria. To fight against early ageing, special bacteria strains have been developed for Bio-In.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

Georgyana Vision

The Bio In Vision program is intended for 120 days. During this period useful bacteria influence all cells and systems improving organism’s protective functions. The special form of bacteria stabilization guarantees that more than 90% of probiotics will get into the large intestine being in active state and will be able to produce the maximum effect. Which means the quality of our lives will improve and its length will increase.

Bio In Vision program probiotics

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myths about probiotics and prebiotics

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myths about probiotics and prebiotics

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