DEM4 Laboratory – At the forefront of scientific research

International DEM4 Laboratory develops a wide range of products for good health and active, long life. The laboratory carries out its research in cooperation with other scientific and research institutes and medical universities.

DEM4 Laboratory is responsible for producing new products for VISION. To understand the specific nature of its work, first of all, you need to realize the immense spectrum of its research interests. The Company works with all kinds of healthcare areas and deals with all kinds of matters, and it is impossible to form a team of specialists in all areas. This is why before developing a new product, DEM4 Laboratory researchers study the current situation in the world to know which specialists are working at nosological matters, certain products and their ingredients. Then the Laboratory signs a contract with a researchers or a group of researchers and they become the residents of the DEM4. They are directly involved in the development of new products. Depending on the tasks of the Laboratory, after achieving the desired product researchers can continue working with DEM4 and Vision or not.

DEM4 Laboratory

The DEM4 team mostly analyzes scientific articles on the latest developments in human pathologies which a new product is aimed to fight. The areas that interest DEM4 Laboratory are very diverse: Smart Food, a device detecting body changes, cardiology products, and probiotics at different times. DEM4 finds scientists and a laboratory fit for this particular research for each product. DEM4 makes contracts with laboratories in different countries to carry out research required for a product.

DEM4 Laboratory

The countries that mostly work with DEM4 Laboratory are France, Denmark (Copenhagen), the Baltic countries, Moscow, Italy, the USA. Recently Japan joined the research work as well.

For example, to create the Bio-In programs, DEM4 Laboratory monitored the scientific situation in the world and selected 6 countries with significant achievement in probiotics. Each of these countries produced an ingredient that was needed for the formulas of Bio-In. There were made contracts, and all 6 countries got to be involved in the development and produced the components of the product. Studies on microorganism to be part of the probiotics were carried out in Nice in France, at a large microbiological laboratory. Further, some of them were studied in Copenhagen, Denmark and some in Novosibirsk. Those laboratories were doing research on the microorganisms which DEM4 and Vision needed. The microorganisms were later tested in Copenhagen after they were put together. The microorganisms were then grown and made into raw material at american production facilities. DEM4 Laboratory selected the bacteria needed from the first 3 laboratories and then did clinical testing at the University of Copenhagen. Then they were grown in Michigan, America, packed in Italy and logistics was undertaken in Austria.

DEM4 Laboratory

Further plans at DEM4 Laboratory for Vision

It is in plan to introduce liquid BAFS (liquid biologically active food supplements) and increase and differentiate the Bio-In program, which will be renewed continuously. Studies of probiotics are still going on intensively, every day there are discoveries in this area.

DEM4 Laboratory


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