Smart Food – The Food of the Future

We all dream of a long and healthy life. Not everyone however achieves it. There are many reasons for this and they are all well-known: bad habits, low physical activity, bad ecological factors, fatigue and stress. This list can go on and on. Is there a way out ?

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Vision has a solution. It has developed Smart Food, a gift from nature itself. The Company has created a line of D4X products based on nanotechnology using natural ecological ingredients.

Why does our body need this nutrition and what are the benefits of smart foods?

Find out that and much more in this post ! 

What is smart food ? How do we define it in the DEM4 Laboratory ? Smart food is balanced, beneficial, and most importantly, a functional food which was developed with the use of special technologies and which has a positive effect on our body, nurtures it and gives it energy. People can it every day.

D4X Vision International People Group

The products developed and manufactured by DEM4 Laboratory of Vision line D4X are unique. They are different from the other products alike available on the market currently.

The DEM4 Laboratory has developed a product which has an immediate effect on the body at the cellular level and in particular on the targeted organs. There are 4 products:

D4X Get Detox – has a detoxifying function

D4X Get Detox Vision

D4X Get Young – encourages body rejuvenating process

D4X Get Young Vision

D4X Get Smart – facilitates brain activity

D4X Get Smart Vision

D4X Get Active – increases stamina

D4X Get Active Vision

For a quick understanding of D4X Vision , take a look here:

Vision’s Smart Food product line is a new word in the industry of smart food. In the production of all D4X complexes are used unique blends of honey. Additionally, they contain plant extract and are produced from a novel type of nano-particles called liposomes.

D4X Vision Smart Food New

The DEM4 Laboratory researchers use as natural ingredients the best and rarest of what nature has, ingredients that have no equivalents. For example, acai berries. They are no ordinary berries, they are wild berries that grow in Brazilian forests in high humidity. The berries grown in this particular area are famous for their high and varied nutrient content. Thanks to the sublimation method of processing they retain all their qualities without adding any additives. Acai berries build a “defensive fort” in the body thanks to a complex of all known vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Acai berries are a world sensation recognized by all experts in nutrition.

D4X Get Young, whose main ingredients is acai berries, is the most effective and delicious method of preventing aging. 

acai berries D4x Get Young Vision

Another unique ingredient is spirulina algae. It is known as a great source of beta-carotene and calcium. Spirulina has ten times more beta-carotene than carrots, and 26 times more calcium than milk. The spirulina used in D4X Get Active is different because it is collected in ecologically clean alkaline lakes in Central Africa. Wild spirulina grown in that area is fed entirely on natural food. Places like this are disappearing from Earth.

Get Active spirulina D4X Vision

The next marvelous component is matcha tea. This is green tea. There are a lot of kinds and sorts of this tea but only Japanese have developed a technology which retains more beneficial components. Matcha tea has 136 times more antioxidants than usual green tea. The DEM4 Laboratory specialists use this tea in D4X Get Smart which aims at promoting brain activity.

Get Active matcha tea D4X Vision

The 4th fantastic ingredients is manuka honey. It is produced only from the nectar of the manuka tree which in nature grows solely in New Zealand. Its properties are 200 times more powerful than any other kind of honey, and it contains 4 times more minerals than regular usual flower honey. Manuka honey is D4X Get Detox regenerates the body, reinvigorates inner strength and it is extremely good for the immune system.

Get Detox D4X Vision Honey manuka

Nanotechnologies are another modern trend. In what way are they used in Vision D4X products ?

Vision along with DEM4 Laboratory are the first to use liposomes in Smart Food which consists of small nanometer scale spheres. The structural wall of liposomes is very similar to the human cell membrane. Therefore, the active agents in liposomes can get inside our cells without additional “transport” services. Liposomes promote the absorption of active ingredients and at the same time increase their concentration in the blood and make the Smart Food product line more effective.

Vision Smart Food D4X Smart Food

For optimal results, take D4X in the morning on an empty stomach. Dissolve one packet in a glass of warm water. The only thing that our product cannot tolerate is high temperatures. The temperature should not exceed 40C.

Is it ok to take several D4x products ?

Yes. It is. Vision analyzed it and can recommend D4X Get Detox combined with any other D4X to magnify their effect.

Vision Vip Group Smart Food D4X

Vision as always has the best and the newest things in healthcare and longevity to offer to its clients.

More information about D4X Vision click here 

Share this knowledge about Vision’s new possibilities of restoring good health and prolonging life with everyone you love and care about ! 

Take your D4X Smart Food products from here: (Enter my Consultant Code: ECV-4085456 to get the product)


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