Probiotics: New Approaches for use

The BIO-In family grows with new intensively focused mini programs FAST FIX and Express Solution

Bio-In’s unique synbiotic program has revolutionized the health and well-being market with its groundbreaking application of probiotics to long term health improvement. Now the BIO-IN experience has been made even more accessible, with 2 new mini programs: BIO IN FAST FIX and BIO IN EXPRESS Solution – providing fast acting, intensively focused probiotic solutions.

Bio In Vision Probiotic Programs

Bio-In’s researchers at DEM4 Laboratory are constantly striving for new ways to unleash the huge potential of probiotics, consulting with users and customers to identify which uses of probiotics are most in demand. The full Bio In program provides unparalleled results in re-balancing the body’s microflora and tackling chronic health conditions like early aging and weaknesses in the body’s defensive reactions.

Now, the Bio In mini programs offer fast, immediate results for sudden, unpleasant symptoms at prices to match all pockets. 

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

Tailored programs to suit every need

The 8 stages of the full Bio In program are consumed over 120 days to completely re-balance the body’s microbiome and rejuvenate the body at a cellular level, because 120 days is the amount of time it takes our red blood cells to regenerate. What is more, the 120 days program is truly holistic in nature, and has been designed to provide an all body fix. The 2 new members of Bio In family, meanwhile, are expressly aimed at alleviating certain conditions.

At 14 days, Fast Fix is the shortest Bio In program, providing the fastest results to rapidly relieve conditions such as abdominal discomfort, stomach aches, and other acute disorders. It is ideas for use when travelling because it provides rapid relief from food poisoning and diarrhea, and helps the digestive system adapt to new climates and conditions. Bio In Fast Fix works by rapidly restoring damaged microflora and correcting digestive disorders. Users are also able to select one specific bodily function to target, allowing the effective suppression of symptoms such as allergies, exhaustion, joint pains and respiratory inflammation.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

Express Solution has a longer, 35 days duration and contains 5 stages. It has been created to offer concentrated and enduring results by enhancing the body’s microbial balance and normalizing digestive functions. It is well-suited for use after a course of antibiotics, or other drugs, and will aid the body’s recovery from severe viral infections and acute stress. Express Solution also provides longer lasting results for one targeted body system, helping improve functions such as respiratory health, immunity, oral protection and others.

Pioneering probiotic products

As a set, Bio-In’s 3 specially designed programs provide unparalleled choice and results in the use of probiotics for health and well being. Whatever the needs of the user, wheather they are after a short term fix, longer term prevention or more lasting protection and regeneration, Bio-In has the solution that is right for them. And Bio-In’s expert researchers are still in the laboratory, looking for more ways to refine and develop the huge health giving power of new generation probiotic products.

Bio In Vision Probiotic Programs

Vision as always has the best and the newest things in healthcare and longevity to offer to its clients.

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Share this knowledge about Vision’s new possibilities of restoring good health and prolonging life with everyone you love and care about ! 

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