15 Advantages of BIO-IN Programs of Vision

It is known that despite medical and pharmaceutical advances, people get sick as much as before. Life expectancy has been increasing, and so has the number of cardiovascular and oncological diseases, and the number of people suffering from diabetes and other serious diseases.

Vision BIO IN program

In the last 25 years, not a single new antibiotics formula has been invested.

Microorganisms can adapt to antibiotics in 15-20 years on average, they develop resistance to antibiotics a lot faster than their production costs pay off. Microorganisms have a fantastic ability to adapt to any environment: they can live in air, water, ground and even in fire!

There are bacteria that have learnt to feed on plastic ! The world has come to understand: the age of antibiotics is coming to an end; the age of probiotics is advancing !

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

Humanity is aging rapidly but people want to stay energetic, active and socially important lifelong. And more importantly, they want to be healthy! How can we remain healthy in the aggressive environment we are living in?

Endless ads prove that there are a lot of probiotics in the market now.

How is our innovative Bio-In program different from probiotics available in pharmacies and other networking companies ?

How should we position it as an alternative to potential clients ? 

What makes it unique ?

Here are the advantages of Bio-In Vision. 

1.Bio-In is not merely a quality product; it is a complete program of subsequent steps (stages), where each next stage is a follow-up. The colonization of the intestine by beneficial micro flora (probiotics) is a very complicated process that required large scale hard work by the DEM4 laboratory scientists. It takes time to grow even a simple flower; to cultivate trillions of beneficial bacteria serving as our protectors, it certainly takes time and consistency.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics2. The program guarantees long term restoration of the microflora balance; unlike conventional probiotics, it does not merely eliminate the symptoms. 

3. The program is personalized. It can be suited for each person individually. Try and ask for a probiotic in a pharmacy, for example, for a woman who wants to strengthen the bones and find a good mouthcare solution. With Bio-In it is possible.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

4.The bacterial composition of the program is unique. Long experimenting has resulted in the selection of four strongest and most resistant strains (types) of key bacteria that must inhabit the intestine: Lactobacillus, Bifidumbacteria, Lactococcus and Streptococcus. The vast majority of producers sell probiotics with 2 types of bacteria: Lactobacillus and Bifidumbacteria. What kind of harmony is this ? There can’t be semi-harmony. Bio-In program is more in line with the natural intestinal microflora, and all its components have a synergy effect.

5.The program contains bacteria living both in the large and small intestine, and they affect the entire flora of the intestine.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

6.The amount of beneficial bacteria getting into the organism is of crucial importance: it should be 1 billion a day as a minimum. In our program we have a lot more (more than enough). Each person has about 2 or 3 kg of bacteria in the body, and if a person “eats” 2 or 3 kg of bacteria at once, they will leave the body naturally and the problem will stay. Vision’s objective is not just to feed people on bacteria, but to select such bacteria strains (types) that will colonize the intestine, will not compete and will multiply. One bacterium is able to turn into 20 million bacteria in 12 hours, but this is only possible in favorable conditions. Bio-In program provides these conditions for a long time solution of the problem.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

7. Apart from good bacteria (probiotics), the program contains food for them – prebiotics. It is very important to use prebiotics of the best quality and highest efficiency. Numerous experiments have selected fructooligosaccharide (FOS); this is the only prebiotic that can provide a 96% survival in the large intestine. Why is this important ? The thing is that bacteria have enough food in the small intestine where most food is digested, while in the large intestine there are hardly any nutrients, and the number of bacteria here is the highest; they do not get enough nourishment which causes problems.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics8. Besides prebiotics, Vision Bio-In program includes another kind of food for bacteria, cobiotics. Cobiotics are plant enzymes that break down food into tiny particles which serve as food not only for bacteria, but for the body cells as well. When food breaks down completely, intestinal putrefaction processes that shorten our life, stop. Nobel Prize recipient Ilya Mechnikov wrote about the tremendous hard of putrefaction in teh beginning of the last century.

Bio-In is the only program in the world that contains cobiotics !

9. Besides probiotics, prebiotics and cobiotics, Bio-In also contains specially selected herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals which increase the synergetic effect of the program.

Vision Bio-In Probiotics

10. A special patented probiotics production technology uses double encapsulation, which allows the bacteria to preserve their properties when exposed to gastric juice and bile (normally, about 90% of bacteria die at this stage) and helps them reach the intestine; the capsule itself is of vegetable origin and dissolves only there, plus it serves as food for bacteria.

11. To protect bacteria, Bio-In program for the first time uses cryo-protection which shields bacteria during freezing (sublimation) and provides a high viability even when stored at room temperatures.

10 advantages of working as an independent distributor

12. Most producers state the amount of bacteria that they put into a sachet during packaging. But they are not completely honest. Imperfect technologies are responsible for major losses in the initially stated amount of bacteria by the end of 2 years of lifespan: only 20 to 30% of bacteria survive. The producers fail to mention this fact. Bio-In program initially contains more than enough bacteria; 80-90% of them survive the entire shelf life, which leaves a sufficient amount of bacteria for the body.

13. Bio-In program meets international GMP and ISO 22000, KOSHER and Halal standards. It does not contain GMOs, preservatives or any other harmful components. The program was created by the DEM4 laboratory specialists and Vision partners, scientists from Europe and USA.

14. Bio-In inhibits the ageing process and has a rejuvenating effect due to 3 factors: protection of the genetic apparatus of cells, precise transmission of genetic information from a mother cell to daughter cell generations with virtually no loss of life reserve thanks to extra DNA links (when they finish, cells begin ageing), antioxidant effect, activation of stem cells. This unique effect of Bio-In program has no analogues in the world ! 

15. The program has a positive effect not only on the intestine but on all body systems: immune, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. Bio-In program is the ultimate achievement of science that humanity has been working on for over 100 years since the time of Ilya Mechnikov who was the first to study human microflora and who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his studies in 1908. Bio-In is not just a new product, it is a revolution in our understanding and attitude to health.


Vision as always has the best and the newest things in healthcare and longevity to offer to its clients.

Click here for more details about New Bio-In programs offered by Vision. 

Share this knowledge about Vision’s new possibilities of restoring good health and prolonging life with everyone you love and care about ! 

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