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Today, an increasing number of people around the world advocate a healthy lifestyle. Fitness, proper nutrition, and taking care of our own and our family’s health, have become an integral part of modern life. And if a couple of years ago, it all seemed just a fashionable trend, today it is becoming something more, namely – the main driving force and the power base of humanity.

Virtual Lab DEM4 develops products to help people in their quest to improve their quality of life.

Virtual laboratory space is an innovative field for unique developments, which allows  involving the best production technologies and highly skilled professionals from around the world in the new product creation. Scientists from leading research centers of Europe, Asia and America became residents of DEM4 laboratory. Using all the accumulated knowledge and employing the latest technologies, they create top quality products for a healthy lifestyle. Being virtual allows the lab to develop and produce the best products for controlling the quality of life, health and beauty, while avoiding extra time and resource costs.

DEM4 Laboratory Vision

Traditions of Herbal Medicine

One of the residents of the DEM4 laboratory is a Lithuanian factory that has 130 years experience in producing natural herbal teas. It is one of the oldest plants not only in the Baltic region, but in all of Europe. They steadily observe the manufacturing traditions, while actively introducing newest technologies and production equipment. This allows producing healthy and delicious herbal teas which are enjoyed by people all around the world – from Australia to the America, and from Europe to Asia. 

It should be noted that the tradition of collecting plants and making healthy botanical mixes is very strong in Lithuania. Specialized herbal shops and markets existed here back in the XVIII century. This explains why DEM$ Laboratory has chosen to cooperate with this old tea producing factory located in Lithuania, as this country can be confidently called an expert in manufacturing herbal and medicinal teas. 

DEM4 Laboratory and Lithuanian tea factory

While rigorously adhering to tradition, specialists of the factory do not limit the possibilities of production growth. In collaboration with the leading world scientists, including experts from the Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences, the factory constantly  improves their product ranges, creating new blends and achieving exceptional properties of the products. This factory is a great example of how century old traditions and wisdom passed down from generation to generation don’t contravene progress, but work in synergy with it to create the perfect product.

The Highest standard

The Lithuanian factory products meet the most stringent requirements and standards of quality control. Only natural ingredients without artificial additives, coloring or flavor enhancers are used in the tea manufacturing process. Quality is confirmed not only by international certificates (such as ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, ECOagros) but also by numerous awards from Lithuanian and international trade fairs. In 2011, the factory received the certificate HALAL granted for products that are suitable for people professing Islam. This shows a very high grade of the product – this certificate has been issued in Lithuania only twice. 

Vision International People Group Tea

Awards received over the years of work include the bronze medal at the exhibition Prodexpo – 2004 in Russia, gold medals at the Lithuanian Product of the Year awards in 2005 and 2014, award in the specialization of agricultural and food industry Agrobalt – 2008, and the certificate Ecological Product of the Exhibition, at the exhibition Choose Lithuanian Product in 2009.

Vision works in close collaboration with the factory on creating a complete range of natural herbal teas that contain vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy, full of energy, and feeling great. Besides having great health benefits, these teas have bright, delicious flavors. 

The smart food product D4X is also produced here. Composed entirely of natural ingredients (hawthorn, wild rose, hibiscus, succinic acid, and honey and different blends depending on the D4X type of smart food) it has a great effect on health, stimulates mental activity and stabilizes the nervous system. The latest development of the DEM4 Lab is the special tea Breakfast with President. This specially selected oolong tea, flavored with Moroccan spices, combines distinctive, exquisite taste with unique healing properties.

Breakfast with President is a product with a strong presidential character: thoroughness of selection, high quality of the raw ingredients, and support of Vision values make it stand out among other tea blends.

Vision Breakfast with President

Newest equipment and modern technologies are used not only to test the final product, but to carry out thorough control of all production stages, from the collection of herbs and leaves to the final packaging.

In order to preserve the natural flavor and aroma, all the teas produced at the Lithuanian tea factory are packaged in teabags with no glue or metal elements, are placed in a tight paper envelope. This ensures that the tea quality can be preserved for a long time.

Breakfast with President is a luxury product, which brings this traditional hot beverage to a whole new level. To keep the highest standards and the exclusive formula, this tea was produced in a limited quantity.

It contained: oolong tea, natural mint leaves, orange zest, cinnamon chips, marigold flowers, safflower petals, mint essential oils, ground vanilla pods.

Vision Breakfast with President

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