NEW BIO-IN Programs by Vision and DEM4 Laboratory

Vision together with DEM4 Laboratory has created a unique breakthrough product – Bio-In complex program.

DEM4 Laboratory Vision

Bio-In Probiotics administration is a scientific breakthrough opening fantastic prospects for millions of people willing to improve their life quality.

BIO IN Vision ORgaNice

The humans live in an endless universe, but the very human is a microcosm for bacteria. Our organism is a universe for hundreds of trillions of various bacteria and organisms. They live around and inside us.

Just imagine: no more than 10% of the organisms’ cells belong to the human, the remaining 90% – to microorganisms. 

While our body contains dozens of trillions of cells, there are quadrillions bacteria !

If one makes a ream of quadrillion 1 dollar banknotes, it will reach the Sun ! This is how many bacteria live in a human’s body. And there are over 7 milliard of us. So, who is the real host of the Earth ?

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

Probiotics may save millions of lives

Let you discover the unique Bio-In Program.

All microorganisms may be defined as beneficial, opportunistic pathogenic, or pathogenic. The beneficial bacteria are probiotics, necessary for our organisms. Most commonly, it is bifidus and lactic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactococcus lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus reuteri, Bifidobacterium bifidum.

The opportunistic pathogenic bacteria are staphilococci, streptococci and other bacteria. 

The pathogenic are salmonella, dysentery bacillus and other bacteria, always present in our organism in small quantities. 

The pathogenic bacteria and the opportunistic pathogenic bacteria having turned into pathogenic type poison the human’s organism with their toxic metabolic by-products. Besides, the pathogenic bacteria destroy the natural barrier of the intestines that normally protects the organism from the toxic matters taken with foods such as cancerogenes, viruses, and allergens compromising the immune system.

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

Today’s medicine admits: pathogenic bacteria annually kill 100 million people ! Moreover, pathogenic bacteria trigger resting viruses and serve as a ground for the mutation of the body’s healthy cells. Now, we can have control over it  with new Programs Bio-In.

Probiotics is our hope !

According to the latest research, human health greatly depends on the balance of the digestive tract microflora. Considering the human health, it should be understood that our immune, endocrine, and nervous system rely on correct interaction of the beneficial, opportunistic pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria.

Probiotics fight pathogenic bacteria: they produce special substances (bactericides, peroxides) affecting pathologic microorganisms and create acidic environment (by producing lactic and fatty acids) suppressing the reproduction of decomposers and other pathogenic bacteria. Together with produced epithelial cells – mucins – they generate a protective film to protect our cell’s receptors from pathological bacteria. Probiotics also aid in the organism’s detoxification: they eliminate toxins coming from the digestive tract and restore the intestine’s natural protective barrier between the digestive tract and the blood.

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

It seems simple: keep taking prebiotics and be healthy. Still, there are some prerequisites to the positive effect of the prebiotics.

First of all, according to the research data, the positive effect requires daily intake of over 1 milliard live and active strains of beneficial bacteria adapted to the tough acidic environment of the stomach. Secondly, to improve the microflora, the newly introduced bacteria should stay in the intestines. The intake of probiotics balances the intestinal microflora and provides long term positive effect on the organism, provided that the beneficial bacteria have got firmly established and begun to reproduce in the intestines.

The bacterial colonies have to endure the gastric acid and safely get to the intestines, living and active. To achieve this goal, Vision has created a new way to protect symbiotics strains. The probiotics products are divided into different generations according to the production technologies ensuring the bacteria’s vitality and efficiency.


Vision uses the probiotics of the 5th generation with ultimate protection. 

The administration method is extremely important for probiotics. Pills is one of the worst ways of delivery, as the bacteria get pressed under high pressure and temperature that may damage them. When in liquid form, the bacteria are in a humid environment, they are in active form, awake. Such conditions stimulate their growth and reproduction even before their delivery to the organism. Therefore, their stamina to struggle for survival in the organism reduces rapidly.

The best method of administration is powder produced with the use of cryoprotection. This is the technology employed in Bio-In program. It has been patented by the residents of DEM4 and Wisconsin University ( in the USA). This is the most advanced and efficient technology to ensure the bacteria’s resistance to the gastric acid, digestive and bile salts (normally, 99% bacteria die in the stomach).

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

It is achieved through microcapsulation (the bacteria are covered with a protective layer of polysaccharide and lyophilization), the bacteria are frozen at low temperatures, put into vaccum and dehumidified, eventually, 80-90% bacteria are safely transported into the organism. Then, they may get naturally “preserved” and keep “resting” for a long time until they get into the organism. Additional protection is provided through sachets (hermetic three layer package of foil with a special internal coating) keeping away air, humidity, and light and providing long-term vitality of the bacteria. Sealed in a nitrogen environment, the sachets allow no air moisture that would affect the bacteria.

Vision Group has lifted the veil. DEM4 Laboratory, cooperating with residents from the USA, France, Italy and Denmark, has created a unique product to employ the bacteria for the human’s benefit! As it was mentioned before, a single intake of probiotics is inefficient. Balancing the organism’s microflora requires consistent influence. And this is what Bio-In offers. An army of active elements amplifies the probiotic effect, so they work together to provide greater results. The program use synbiotic effects, involving prebiotics (dietary fiber), special probiotic strains (good bacteria), additive agents, vitamins and minerals, vegetable extracts, and digestive enzymes.

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

The dietary fiber (cellular tissue) is an essential part of sensible nutrition, as it stimulates the peristalsis. Our organism treats cellular tissue as king of food but it can also serve nutrition medium for probiotics, thus promoting their reproduction. For this reason, some fibers are called “prebiotics”. 

It is extremely important for the good bacteria (probiotics) to get into the organism safely and, moreover, live and reproduce there, rectifying the misbalance of the intestine microflora. Besides the product synergy, the administration duration and the amount of the prebiotics matter.

Now, Vision, with over 20 years of highly professional experience in dietary supplements business, and DEM4, with its unique capabilities and the best researchers from all over the world, have developed an exclusive comprehensive program to improve the quality of life, a breakthrough product for OrgaNice Vision centers, called Bio-In. 

Vision Organice

This customized program is designed to improve the balance of the intestinal microflora and the systemic condition of the organism. It includes 8 stages and takes 120 days. Within this period, 9 different products are taken. Each stage consistently prepares the organism for next one and the recommended products make a synergy effect. The target effect is obtained only by following the entire program, not some parts separately.

8 stages towards better quality of life

The first stage of Bio-In prepares the digestive tract. The mucous membrane and internal environment of the intestines get improved. The customized dietary plan and recommendations will help to form the most efficient environment for introduction, fixation and reproduction of the probiotic colonies assisting your organism’s microflora.

On the second stage, the organism receives food bacteria together with prebiotics and addtitive elements. Meanwhile, the program is getting customized. There are 2 types of functional synbiotics: for men and for women. Thus, their components make specific effect of the men’s or women’s health.

In the third stage, synbiotics are to enhance the probiotics’ effect and assist the organism in atomization of the foods providing the most amount of cobiotics (nutrients). The cobiotics, called cell nutrition, are necessary to feed the good bacteria and the organism’s cells. Therefore, the good bacteria are encouraged to reproduce and the bad ones are suppressed. The cobiotics are special for their ability to feed both bacteria (such as prebiotics) and the organism’s cells. Eventually, they consistently improve the condition of the digestive tract and the entire organism.


Besides beneficial bacteria, probiotics, Bio-In offers special prebiotics – the substances atomizing the bacteria only. Each of the 2 components strengthens its partner, so together they are called symbiotics. Among the principal prebiotics are fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). They feed the beneficial bacteria but do not  get digested by the organism, so they enhance the peristalsis. FOS stimulate the growth of the beneficial bacteria, promote their fixation in the intestines and improve digestion.

Customization to meet one’s personal requirements

On the 4th stage, the program gets more customized. Here, one should choose 1 of the 4 sets of special functional synbiotics according to one’s personal requirements and problems.

  • HyperSenseCare – Synbiotics mitigate allergic reactions and hypersensibilization. They also fight hay fever, eczema and symptoms of dermatitus, inhibit inflammatory processes and reduce the risk of bronchial asthma.
  • RespiraCare – Synbiotics improve our immunity to the upper respiratory infections – tonsillitis, pharyngitis and influenza.
  • OralCare – Synbiotics destroy pathogenic bacteria provoking caries, bad breath (halitosis), parodontosis. They also reduce gum bleeding and improve the general condition of the gums.
  • BoneCare – Synbiotics. Besides the basic action, they possess a special power: to enhance accessibility of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, to promote the production of collagen, the mineralization and the strength of the bones, to improve the growth of the skeleton and cells.

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

On the 5th stage, the cobiotics keep influencing to confirm the achieved results. These substances are an irreplaceable nutrient medium for good bacteria and the organism’s cells. Cobiotics helps the organism to treat the synbiotics, enhance their effect and maintain the bacteria’s activity in the intestines.

On the 6th stage, the program turns to the customized approach once again. One should choose 1 of the 4 sets (BoneCare, RespiraCare, HyperSenseCare, OralCare) of special functional synbiotics according to one’s personal needs and problems.

The 7th stage repeats the cobiotics course.

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

The final 8th stage supposes a set of synbiotics with vitamins and minerals. The synbiotics secure the program’s effect and provide maximum fixation of vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the organism and ensures a long term effect of the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. The set includes vitamins C, D, B-group and calcium.

Probiotics Prebiotics Bio In OrgaNice Vision International People Group BAFS

Bio-In opens the opportunity to prolong the human life, while science may make the human immortal.

Bio-In Probiotics administration is a scientific breakthrough opening fantastic prospects for millions of people willing to improve their life quality.

Take your Bio-In program from here: (Enter my Consultant Code: ECV-4085456 to get the product)


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