New OrgaNice Tea Capsules from Vision

OrgaNice Tea Vision

New OrgaNice Tea Capsules aim to change 4000 years of tea preparation traditions !

Tea originated in China as a medicinal drink and became the world’s most popular drink. It came to the West via Portuguese priests and merchants introduced to it there during the 16th century and conquered the rest of the world when became fashionable among Britons during the 17th century.

Vision organice tea

For the last 4000 years, tea was made mainly by steeping tea leaves in boiling water. During this simply looking process, the steeping time and water temperature which differs with every kind of tea, it is extremely important to prepare a nice cup of tea. Even the slight deviation can spoil the taste, affect the smell or change the good properties of a drink. Also a regular package usually doesn’t allow preserving flavor, aroma and most importantly the useful effects of tea.

Vision presents 5 new mixtures of pure tea that will change more than 4000 years history of tea drinking. It simplifies the preparation process also making sure the tea is prepared and stored in the most perfect way possible. 

OrgaNice Tea Capsules Vision

The new OrgaNice capsules system ensured that tea is kept in the best possible environment and also entirely alters its preparation process. Tea is a very delicate organic product that doesn’t contain any preservatives and loses its quality quite rapidly unless it is stored properly. The hermetic tea capsules better preserve the useful properties of tea and release a boost flavor and aroma providing with unparalleled freshness and cleanliness. Its universal shape is perfectly suited for most of coffee and tea machines. The highest quality cup of tea can be prepared just by one touch of a button.

Vision Tea Organice

The advanced preparation process ensures that all the best properties of tea will be exposed. Firstly, the plastic seal of a capsule is being broken and the hot water with high 14 bar pressure fills in the capsule shell. The foil end is broken through only after few seconds to guaranty that the tea herbs inside capsule are under the 14 bar hot water pressure all the time of the preparation.

Capsules help to reduce brewing time up to 80-90%. Instead of usually needed 3-5 minutes to prepare a nice cup, using tea capsules, a perfect cup of tea can be brewed in just 30 seconds. The tea machine automatically calculated the optimal brewing time and temperature to release the full flavors of the tea being steeped. In addition, you can choose a water quantity to have a strong or light tea concentration. This simple technique allows enjoying the perfectly prepared tea cup in almost no time at all.

OrgaNice Vision 2

Tea lovers will be offered 5 different kinds of mixtures of pure tea to suit even the most demanding – Green, Black, Fruit, Spiced and Herbal.

Green tea 

Most popular green tea contains high levels of substances called catechin polyphenols, known to possess strong antioxidant and even support the immune system. Also it helps to enhance the metabolism and is very helpful for our heart, brain and for all the body. This tea mixture is also rich in effective herbs. In OrgaNice mixture, chamomile, thyme and mint enrich it with essential oils, which have a calming effect, relieves insomnia, inflammation, reduce cramps, stimulate gastric secretion, improve appetite and digestion. It is the perfect choice for those who like healthy lifestyle or dieting.

Black tea

This mixture of Ceylon black tea and mate is a great alternative for coffee lovers ! Black tea contains a less stimulating caffeine dose, as well as catechins – active compounds that have an energizing effect. Mate contains over 150 vitamins and minerals that can manage with any stress you may feel and enhance the blocking properties within the body. OrgaNice black tea improves daily performance and mood, helps to focus, while not affecting the quality of the sleep. This drink can be used in the evening and morning.

Vision International People Group Tea

Fruit tea

This brew will keep you warn in winter, cold or cool you off on a hot summer day. It keeps the same delicious flavor, even when it gets cold. Apples and hibiscus flower blossoms help the body fight against free radicals and UV radiation, as well as strengthen the immune system. Cinnamon and other active ingredients in this OrgaNice tea reduce inflammation, have antiseptic properties and improve appetite and digestion.

Spice tea

The unique combination of herbs and spices (dandelion root, coriander, licorice) not only improves digestion, acting as a natural prebiotic, but also has a detoxifying effect. Through a complex blend of tea leaves, herbs and spices, the drink gains incredibly rich and fortified taste and smell. This tea has a very strong character that leaves no one indifferent.

Vision International People Group Tea

Herbal tea

Thanks to its special ingredients, this tea will be your daily source of serenity. It stabilizes the cardiovascular and nervous system, reduces inflammation and stimulates digestion. Also herbal tea increases endurance and it enhances the protective functions of the immune system during the cold season, helping to repel colds.

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