Taking care of your eyes – Eye Health Prevention Protection

Safe 2 See Forte

The sense of sight is priceless, our eyes being one of the most vital organs that help us perceive the surrounding world. Thanks to the sense of sight we are able to appreciate its beauty and the joy of seeing faces of our family and friends. Our eyes are unsurpassed recipients of external information, processing up to 80% of all data that we get from all sensory organs.

s2s_forte200 forte

According to modern medicine, around 45 mln people in the world have lost eyesight, and over 135 mln people suffer from visual impairments of various kinds. It is forecast that by 2020 the amount of blind people will reached 75 mln, and of those with poor eyesight—200 mln. Every 5 seconds a human goes blind, and every minute a child loses its eyesight.
safe2c forte

An innovative formula of the natural complex Safe-to-see forte is created exclusively for Vision, contains the best eye vitamins, ensures protection of the eyesight and helps preserve its sharpness.

Safe 2 See Forte Vision

Enhanced formula of Safe-to-see forte reinforces the eyesight in terms of extensive loads and reduces the risk of many visual system disorders. Safe-to-see forte is a comprehensive, ultimately balanced product that contains the best ingredients, complementary to the eyesight.

Safe to See Forte :
safe2c forte 2

The unique composition of Safe-to-see forte prevents various visual pathologies, protects visual organs from free radical damage and age-related changes, like weakening and atrophy of eye muscles, myopia and hyperopia.

Safe-to-see forte improves eyesight acuity, relieves manifestations of the visual fatigue syndrome, blocks free radical impact and mitigates the risk of visual disorders.

safe 2 see forte 0

“Of all bodily organs eye has always been recognized as a true blessing and masterpiece of nature’s creative power”
Hermann von Helmholtz

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Materials for this page were taken from the Company site: http://english.vipgroup.net/


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