Pure Ingredients

Pure ingredients

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 First Time Use of Vision – Purely Rhapsodic 

  • Biologically active dietary supplements offered by the Vision company are the products of the highly technological processing of natural vegetable raw materials.

Biologically active food supplements Vision VIP Group

In addition to an optimal vitamin and mineral complex, they also contain phytocomponents. These components are the biologically active substances of well-known medicinal plants.

healthy pills

  • Modern science and technologies make it possible to isolate those biochemical components, or biologically active substances (BAS), which produce the effect we’re looking for. These substances – pure and intact BAS – are then used to produce BAFS.

Herbal supplement pills

  • Vision products abound in natural components distinguished by high activity and effectiveness


  • At Vision we stand for the unique and un-replicable power of nature.

herbal medicinea

  • Botanical ingredients are only gathered at a certain time of the year, because in this case seasonal fluctuations are a decisive factor in maintaining the vital forces of herbs. Then living herbs are placed in special “eco-transporters” and delivered to the factory. The unique technology of cryofracture, or cryogrinding – pulverizing the raw materials in a low temperature environment in an atmosphere of the neutral gas nitrogen – that is used for producing Vision bioactive supplements allows retention of the useful properties of the botanical ingredients without killing the invigorating force of the herbs.

Pure Ingredients Vision International People Group Products

Direct Hit Vision Products

Vision Antiox

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Vision Sveltform

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Vision Lifepac Senior

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Vision Chromevital

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Vision Mega

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Vision Pax Forte

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